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The Sussman Agency is a Marketing and Advertising firm that specializes in building, sustaining and growing brands. The agency was founded in 1987 by President Alan Sussman who guided the company to become one of the top “retail” marketing firms in the country. S.E.S has been working with the Sussman Agency to provide database interfaces to the web sites that they have designed for their customers.

Buy your next vehicle On-Line
S.E.S was contracted to work with the design team from the agency and the technical advisor from a local automotive dealer group to develop a multiple brand vehicle search. This will enable a customer, based on 11 categories and more the 70 options, to quickly find the vehicle of their choice. S.E.S designed the MySQL database, developed the search engine and automatic inventory update from a data feed each morning at 6am. This website also deploys a chat componet that enables the customer to establish an on-line chat with an auto guide specialist to answer questions and actually purchase the vehicle. Find your next vehicle at http://www.youronlinedealer.com

Arts Back Yard
Arts Back Yard, a division of Art Van Furniture, hired The Sussman Agency to create an on-line inventory web site of the patio furniture products that were being sold at their stores. S.E.S was brought in to work with the agency's staff to import a daily inventory file from corporate and dynamically create web pages to display the inventory.

Client Testimonial

Jim Glutting, Software Eng. Specialists has worked with our Agency on multiple projects over the last 3 years. Jim is an excellent developer with strong knowledge of database interfaces. He works alongside our clients, other programmers and the web designers to brainstorm solutions that work. Jim is not only detailed, but pro-active in his approach to help us stay on track with our deadlines. I highly recommend Jim to any company that has projects that need database integrations, anything from simple to complex. You won't be disappointed. ..

    Kimberly Bizon - Web/Interactive Director, The Sussman Agency

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