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Patterson Dental is one of the nation's leading dental supply companies. They also sell and support Eaglesoft, a dental practice management and imaging system, which we have collaborated on with Patterson since 2005.

Unix-based Management System Conversions
Most of the dental practice management systems sold in the 1980's and 1990's were Unix based. We were contracted to convert data from older Unix systems to work on today's Windows systems with Patterson's toolkit. This includes extracting the data from magnetic tapes, converting it to the Patterson toolkit, and sending the files to the Patterson Technology Center. Since 2005 we have written eight conversions from Unix (and some older DOS systems), and run more than 600 conversions.

On-site Consulting
We help Patterson's countrywide technicians connect laptops and PCs to older systems to extract data when backup tapes are not available. Some of these are proprietary systems, like the Alpha Micro or SCO Unix systems.

Client Testimonial

Patterson has enjoyed a productive relationship with Software Engineering Specialists since 2005. Their services have included more than 600 data conversions including over 500 from six different UNIX-based packages as well as numerous Windows and DOS software applications. In many situations, Jim Glutting has worked directly with our customers and Field Representatives and proves time after time to be a professional and intuitive resource. We consider S.E.S. as an extension of our team. It has been a pleasure to work with them as they have continually produced consistent, accurate and timely results.

    Aaron Stortzum - Conversions Manager, Patterson Technology Center

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