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Continental Dining & Refreshment Services is the dining mangement division of Continental Services, Inc. (CSI). They manage B&I cafes at the customer's location. S.E.S., Inc. has been developing internal web applications and integrating vertical databases since 2001, providing management with critical data to manage this division of their business.

Corporate Infrastructure
Installed and configured Web, Email, FTP, SSH, Samba, DNS, DHCP, LTSP servers, Internet firewalls and VPNs to connect multiple warehouses and use Windows servers. The Samba server replaced the 5 user Novell server with an unlimited access server.

Trim Trax Food Waste Analysis Reporting
Designed and developed in PHP a PostgreSQL database for entering and managing the food waste from the 50 cafes that Continenal Dining manages. The internal web application allows the cafe managers make a daily entry of the number quarts of food waste. The food waste is put into 4 groups: production, demo plates, out dated, and misc. The waste analysis report shows the amount of waste compared to food cost & sales.

Labor Analysis Database and Web Application
Designed, programmed in PHP, and deployed a Labor Analysis PostgreSQL database used to control weekly café labor expenses. The browser-based application allows weekly labor forecasting from multiple locations, imports time card and payroll data, contains comparison amounts, percentages, and variances that are graphed and compared against the budget and the forecasted amounts. The report can be totaled by location, café type, district manager, and company.

Aloha POS Database Configuration and Installation
Worked with Radiant Technologies to create a master café database to be deployed at 30 café locations. The database included all of the food items and daily specials that each of the cafés sell. Each location had 1 to 7 point of sale (POS) cash registers and a Windows XP server. We configured a secure VPN from all of the cafés that allowed central support from the corporate office and provided the connection used to send the daily data to the corporate servers.

ATM Installation and Automation
Aloha Trans Manager (ATM) is a product from Restar, Inc. that formats ACCPAC G/L import files from the Aloha database. We worked with Restar to configure ATM for each café location, programmed Aloha to send the data nightly via FTP from all 30 cafés to the corporate servers, then wrote custom programs to automate the importing process to run overnight. The daily process is then automatically summarized into a weekly file that is imported into the ACCPAC G/L. This data is used on a weekly flash report to manage each café.

Custom Data Interfaces
Wrote custom programs to import data from National City Bank, Brinks armored services, ADP payroll, Omega payroll, EZLM Labor manager, Eventmaster event planning software and Vendmax vending OCS invoices. These programs format data from MSSQL databases, and report exports and .csv text files for importing into the ACCPAC accounting software.

Client Testimonial

Our relationship with Jim Glutting and S.E.S. has spanned over eight years. During that time Mr. Glutting has proven to have an adept mind and impressive work ethic. His ability to understand our business and marry that to efficient custom programming solutions allowed for many process improvements impacting all departments and business units at Continental Services. Without his efforts Continental would lose countless man hours to manual processes.

He has solved a wide range of problems for us including fundamental IT architecture installation and configuration, custom accounting solutions and the implementation of vertical software solutions company-wide. We know that he has saved Continental money and improved productivity through his piercing insight into our business processes and his superb programming capabilities.

    Ara Kazanjian - Chief Administrative Officer, Continental Services

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