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Loudbaby located in Ferndale, MI. has been serving businesses, nonprofits and rockstars since 1999. Website development, design, branding, mobile apps, and social media are just a few of the many web-centric services that they provide.

On-line room scheduling
Loudbaby works with serveral non-profits companies, one of which is NEW, Inc. in Ann Arbor MI. NEW has a room scheduling application that is sold to non-profit customers that need to schedule conference rooms. This application was written in PHP4. S.E.S. was chosen to upgrade this product from PHP4 to PHP5 and to add several new features to this application that required changes to the code and the MySQL database.

Custom Shopping Cart application
Psychopathic records, a Michigan based recording company, has a custom shopping cart application that S.E.S was brought in to make several customizations to provide additional functionality.

Client Testimonial

We’ve been working with S.E.S for over 4 years and we’re proud of the association. Jim is a person of high integrity and an uncommonly dedicated problem solver. Bottom line - He gets results. Working closely with Software Engineering Specialists has expanded the palette of services which Loudbaby has to offer, helping us to further deliver on our mission of providing customers with the very best open source and custom web solutions available.

    Tommy Onyx - Owner, Loudbaby

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