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Continental Canteen is a division of Continental Services, Inc. They service more than 6000 vending machines in the southeast Michigan tri-county Detroit area. They have two warehouses on the East and West sides of Detroit.

Market Fresh Food Ordering
Designed a PostgreSQL database for importing weekly sales and creating new orders for next week. The ordering program will forecast next weeks order, based on last 2 weeks sales, and suppliers & drivers delivery schedules. This also takes into account weekly staled items and holidays. Orders are entered by day and store, then weekly summary orders are emailed to each of the 10 suppliers.
Last weeks sales and stales are imported from a csv file generated from 50+ Market stores.

Vending Route Monitor
Designed and programmed an MS Access database that reports all of the metrics used to manage a vending route. These include vending sales by category, food cost, food waste, commissions, customers, machines, service calls, and inventory. The data was originally imported from the EMS vending software later updated to Vendmax (an MSSQL application). The report is run by route and can be totalled by district manager or all routes.

Plan-O-Gram Audit
A browser-based auditing report that compares a vending machine item setup (plan-o-gram) against the actual items sold (Dex reading) from a vending machine. This audit compares every slot in the plan-o-gram against what is vended in the Dex reading and reports any discrepancies. This report is organized by machine and can be requested by a single machine, a complete customer, or the entire vending route.

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