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Binson's Home Health Care Centers is a retail chain of stores that sell Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to the public. They have several stores in the greater Detroit area. We contracted with Binson's from 1996 until 2003.

Installed and Customized the Freedom System
Collaborated with other contractors to install, customize and deploy the Freedom ERP software, which encompassed integrated G/L, A/P, A/R, and Inventory Control software, written in Progress 4gl. The source code was purchased with the system so we could customize all of these packages to Binson's needs. We created bar-code labels for their 12,000+ items and several custom programs to tailor this system to their needs.

Automatic Order, Shipping and Billing System
Worked with a team of consultants to write a fully automated system to handle shipments of incontinent supplies to Michigan Medicaid recipients. This system was written in Progress 4gl and was designed to automatically do the following:

  • Keep patient's monthly order on file and allow changes.
  • Check patient's Medicaid eligibility that can change monthly.
  • Generate purchase orders (POs) to the fullfillment supplier.
  • Receive all UPS tracking numbers from the daily shipments and check for delivery confirmation.
  • Create electronic claim to Michigan Medicaid for the delivered items.

Designed and Programmed Insurance Billing Database
When we started at Binsons, there were 80 data entry billers that were several weeks behind in billing some of the insurance providers. Our insurace rules database was created to handle all of the exceptions and rules used to bill the different insurance providers correctly, including Medicare, Blue Cross, Medicaid, and others. After the deployment of this database and some custom programs, Binson's was able to reduce the size of the billing department by 50% and send the insurance claims within 7 days of treatment.

Programmed HIPAA Compliant Insurance Claim System
When the federal government mandated uniform HIPAA health care insurance claims, they chose ANSI X12 837 and 835 transaction sets. This involved changing the electronic billing formats for Medicare, Blue Cross, and Medicaid from their proprietary formats to the standard ANSI X12 format. We wrote and deployed this new claim format for all of the insurance claim billing.

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