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Growlers To Go is a retail store where the customer can refill quarts or growlers (64 oz) of their favorite beer from local breweries and brewers around the world. This is a new concept in marketing craft beer from the United States and other countries. The menus in the store are realtime displays on monitors (similar to flights in an airport) showing what is currently tapped and for sale along with the remaining % of beer in the keg.

Realtime menu of tapped kegs with remaining %

The goal for this project was to create an on-line web page with the information from the realtime store menus. A photo of the menus was emailed to SES and we were able to create a web site with the same information that display on the store menus. The data for these menus is maintained on a web site and has an API to download the data about the tapped kegs. A PHP script was written to use the API to get the keg information and display it in a scrollable menu format. We also added 5 sort buttons where the viewer can quickly display the products by Tap, Brewery, Beer Style, Brewer State, and ABV% (alcohol percentage).

We are currently writing a customer loyality program to keep track of customer purchases and preferences in a MySQL database that will be able to viewed by the customer and in the store.

Client Testimonial

My company needed software and web design support to assist our experienced designer and programmer in adding more complicated features and requirements to our web site and database systems. We learned of Jim Glutting and Software Specialists through OutSource.com. After interviewing several others we selected Jim and have been very pleased with the decision.

Jim Glutting had the experience, maturity, creativity and skills to quickly deliver everything we requested. He listened to our needs and responded with suggestions for suggested improvements to our plans, discussion of alternatives and a willingness to work with our current staff. He was able to deliver effective working programs that were bug-free and did exactly what was promised and needed. He was able to research techniques and develop programming to accomplish things that he had not previously done and we were unsure could be done. He worked very quickly and priced his services very reasonably. He was very easy and comfortable to work with and was always very responsive to our needs.

I would highly recommend Jim Glutting and Software Specialists for software and web/database design projects.

    Reid Carter - Owner, Growlers To Go

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