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Software Engineering Services, Inc. enables our clients to increase business profits, productivity, and growth, through automation and integration of computer technologies. Below are a few examples of how S.E.S. can help your small- to medium-sized business. Contact us to set up a free consultation to determine how S.E.S can help you.

Customized Applications - We've worked with several companies to either modify their previously purchased software to provide better reporting, or to design and write a custom application and collect needed data to provide the metrics to manage your business.

I.T. Consulting - There are many benefits to accessing different types of servers and applications on an integrated network. S.E.S, Inc. can work with your I.T. staff and/or provide the expertise to integrate all your technologies, which can increase employee productivity.

Automate Processes - Many everyday manual tasks, such as posting all of your bank activity to the G/L, entering A/P invoices from suppliers and entering inventory receipts, can be easily automated. We can work with your bank, suppliers, and other vendors to automate these processes and tasks. This will increase data accuracy and save time everyday.

Server & Network Setup - If your company would like to have a presence on the Internet, or need data communications with other branches or vendors, S.E.S, Inc. has the knowledge to install secure servers that will provide the Internet services that you require.

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