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PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS
PHPPHP is a very robust open source programming language that is most often used as the server scripting language for web applications and web pages. Based on a 2015 survey by W3Techs, PHP is used 82% for server-side programming and is the most popular language. This survey also stated that Linux servers are used 2 to 1 over MS Windows servers. S.E.S. Inc. has written several custom web applications using PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. This enables customers to use a familiar web browser, like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, to access the application from a wide variety of devices and PCs. This combination of software, coupled with an open source database, like PostgreSql or MySql, makes an excellent development platform.

SQL (Structured Query Language)
SQL is the universal structured query language used to access most of todays' databases. PostgreSql, MySql, Microsoft MSSql, Oracle, Sybase, etc. all use SQL to request and update data in the database. S.E.S. Inc. consultants are well versed in SQL.

Unix and Command Shells
S.E.S. believes in 'managing by exception.' This involves automating many tasks and procedures, and reporting to the appropriate department when there is a problem or an exception. In order to accomplish this, jobs are often scheduled to run in an unattended mode during off hours. This requires either Unix scripting or Command shell programming, depending on the server operating system. S.E.S., Inc. prides itself on the ability to totally automate different types of tasks and is able to achieve this with the assistance of Unix and Command shells.

Progress 4gl
Progress 4gl is the native 4th generation language that is used to retrieve and update data in a Progress database. Progress is a moderately priced, proprietary database used world wide. S.E.S. Inc. has years of experience in customizing Progress 4gl code, mainly in accounting, ordering and warehousing applications.

Cobol, AcuCobol, Micro Focus Cobol, RM Cobol
Cobol is an older programming language that has been in use since the 1960's. There are thousands of legacy applications still in use today that are written in Cobol. If your company requires Cobol programming, S.E.S. Inc. is very experienced in writing or customizing Cobol code.

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