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Linux Server
Linux is an operating system that can be downloaded at no cost, known as open source. RedHat, Ubuntu, and Debian are a few of the Linux distributions. We have experience with installing and configuring Linux servers for the following services:

  • Web server – provides Internet and Intranet web services
  • Email server – provides internal and external email services
  • Samba server – provides shared files and printer services
  • FTP/SSH server – provides Internet file communication services
  • DHCP/DNS server – provides PC and printer IP assignments and naming
  • LTSP server – provides booting of thin clients for inexpensive terminals

Any or all of these services can often be run on the same server depending on number of users, size of the server, network bandwidth, etc. S.E.S., Inc. can help you determine the right server solution for your business.

Linux is an excellent choice for servers because of the stability and performance. Linux servers are not susceptible to the viruses that attack Microsoft servers and PC's.

There are also several open source applications, such as Open Office, SQL Ledger and phpGroupware, that provide office productivity on a Linux server. These applications can often be accessed from either a Linux or a Windows desktop. If the application uses a browser interface, usually any browser can access it.

MS Windows 2003, 2000 Servers
Microsoft has different server platforms, depending on the server or application being run. We help customers integrate these servers, along with Windows and Linux desktops in the same network. This provides access to the applications that run on the different servers.

MS Windows Vista, XP and 2000 Desktops:
S.E.S., Inc. works with these desktops and can provide services and recommendations for integrating these desktops in your network.

SCO Unix Server
SCO Unix was one of the first Intel based, multi-user, multi-tasking operating systems. There are several applications that run on this platform and can often be run in a Linux environment. SCO Unix is not easily available, so S.E.S., Inc. can help you migrate from SCO to a newer technology.

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