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Services - Networking

Local Area Networks (LANS)
Local Area Networks encompass configuring firewalls, routers, and switches. We are experienced in planning, upgrading, installing and configuring several network components. We have integrated Linux, Windows, and Mac desktops to provide access to all of the company's applications and printers.

Wide Area Networks (WANS)
Wide Area Networks are an integral part of a company's network when there is more than one office, store, warehouse, or other remote location that requires connectivity to corporate server applications and email. There are several solutions offered by several providers, so selecting the right technology is key to a successful deployment of a WAN. We can help your company determine the right WAN technology for your business needs.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNS)
Virtual Private Networks are required for businesses that connect to remote locations, have employees working from home, and/or sales people on the road. Some VPNs are permanent connections that provides 24/7 access between locations to share servers and applications. Other VPNs provide a secure, temporary connection, that allows access to email or connects to a remote PC to provide local internal support. We have configured several types of VPN's for all of our customers and can customize the technology your company needs.

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